Soap Swap 2016

Just signed up for Bramble Berry’s Spring Soap Swap 2016 and I’M SO EXCITED!!! 100 soapers will be sending in 10 soaps using a Bramble Berry fragrance oil and then receiving a package with 10 soaps from the other swappers. Such a cool idea, can’t wait to get to try out the other soaps!

I’m still waiting to hear back for which fragrance oil I can use- my top choices were Sunny Herb Garden and Kumquat fragrance oils. If fact, I just made a batch with the Sunny Herb Garden FO yesterday (might end up being my entry- pics to come!).

Seriously though, the thought that other soapers will get to see my work, and that I will get to see their work is exhilarating for me. There’s even a chance that my soap will end up in Anne-Marie’s box 🙂



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